Damn Elections.

February 19, 2004

I’ve meant to stay away for longer than 10 days, but I thought this post was enough to warrant breaking radio silence. I’ll be back on 3/1/04 – MK

I’m hoping that the elections won’t be as bad as the 2000 elections. I’ve been really torn about who I really want to vote for. During the time I’ve been away from the blog, I’ve really decided that my vote will be between Edwards and Bush. This would be a shock among my family, but Edwards really seems like a stronger candidate. Currently, I’ll only vote for Bush if Kerry is chosen as the Democratic nominee.

Here is why I would support John Edwards:


1.) Education**


“Providing a free year of college tuition will eliminate the sticker shock that scares off so many kids. It will simplify a financial aid process now so complex that getting a student loan can be tougher than getting a small business loan. After students get through that first year, which is the toughest, they’ll know financial aid is available, they’ll know education is an investment worth making, and they’ll have access to people who can help them pursue both. Maybe more important, if they work hard, they’ll know they can succeed in college.”

To which I say Hell yeah! I remember being 18 and being accepted to the Berklee College of Music & Northwestern University and then looking at how much it was gonna cost….not to mention the other costs associated. I’d probably would have stuck it out in school, if I had this opportunity from the start.

” Edwards will also ask every college to take responsibility for at least one high-poverty school and expand college outreach programs to give more than a million disadvantaged students a shot at a brighter future.”

Colleges want your money, but they don’t want to help anyone unless you’re signed specifically to them.

2.) Jobs


�Too many politicians from both parties forget about the rural South until election time,� Edwards said. �Once the election is over, they go to Washington and cut deals like NAFTA that are a punch in the gut for small towns like Georgetown. And then, after the jobs here are gone, they come back and say you don�t have to worry because they�ve got a job training program. Training for what?�

�The rural South deserves better. That�s why I disagreed with a lot of people in Washington and opposed NAFTA, fast track, and the Caribbean trade deal. And it�s why I offered the first plan of any candidate to save jobs in rural America. My plan will put our government back in line with our values. It�s based on three principles: fair trade for America�s workers, fair taxes on America�s big corporations, and fresh capital for entrepreneurs and small businesses in struggling rural towns”.

Thank you , John Edwards. Politicians didn’t give a shit when NAFTA being discussed. Look at the rural jobs in just my area. Carpet jobs, Buster Brown shoes, Levi Jeans…all left the USA. While we can all sit back and bitch about we lost 2 million jobs since 2001, think about how many we lost since NAFTA was enacted. Seriously, go back and read some of H. Ross Perot’s stuff from the NAFTA era…

3.) Healthcare


“This proposal reaches out to those Americans who are just starting out in life�as many as two thirds of Americans between the ages of 19 and 29 cannot afford health insurance and 50 percent did not seek medical treatment because they couldn’t afford to pay the bill. This is no way to build a life. That’s why I will help states cover Americans up to 24 in Medicaid or CHIP. And private insurance companies will be required to provide families with affordable options to cover their children until they turn 25.”

Instead of giving perks to seniors, how about helping those out who are starting their life. Build people into good, healthy citizens from the start and you’ll have them make a better country.

“Something is wrong when drug companies are spending billions of dollars on advertising for their new drugs while seniors are sitting at their kitchen tables deciding what they can afford: their rent or their medication. Something is wrong when insurance companies raise premiums by 15 percent but fail to use new technologies to lower their cost�like eliminating unnecessary paperwork.”

Bingo! And this is why Kerry and Bush get more support from the Drug Co’s. Cut the ads, then modernize the industry. Doctors should make drug choices based on need, not a neat little memo pad they received from a Pharmacy Rep…not to mention the commercials.

But I will say when he talks about “stepping toward universal health care”. I honestly, get a little nervous because it’s the industry I’ve worked in for 10 years and know how the government really are the ones responsible for a lot of the problems. People get large bills because they’re having to pay for those who can’t. That’s our universal health care right there…it already exists. State medical programs and federal ones make more demands on time and the economy of a medical system than providing care. But Edward’s doing better than anyone else in his plan.

Hopefully Kerry’s alleged affair will really have happened and we can get someone like Edwards into the White House. If not, I’ll have to vote for Bush.