Please Come Home.

February 28, 2004

When I originally decided to take time away from the weblog, I knew it would probably be harder than I thought it would be. I had/have some things in my life I needed to take care of, aside from business matters, that really needed more focus. I think I’ve accomplished that.

I’m kinda disappointed that I didn’t completely stay true to my plan. I started my sideblog after one week and I posted on the 19th. It’s not that I took a complete vacation from weblogging, as my Drumblog! site has finally started getting it’s feet and Mr. Chattablogs, Josiah Q. Row , asked me to be an Editor/CSS Guru to The Chattablog . It’s that a lot of “pointed” thinking goes into this weblog and took far too much personal creativity…creativity that other sites needed, not-to-mention the mental energy I didn’t have.

I’ll probably take more time away, as we get closer to summer. But it will only be a slowdown, not a complete withdrawal from I can already anticipate that my July project will either completely break my spirits or give me a boost of adrenaline. But I’ve been there before, it’s just a matter of better time management and better use of my other creative outlets.

With my input on two additional weblogs, most everything on will remain personal and sometimes political. My music posts will probably stay here but my Chattanooga-area posts will probably be used over at The Chattablog. It seems targeting audiences is my new personal mantra for 2004. Both in my personal life and my career.

It’s hard for me to see beyond a couple of months. Because the world changes daily, so it makes it hard to see beyond spring. I do look at the big picture, but my planning is only in quarterly intervals. Taking a couple of days to reflect and gather thoughts is probably my only crutch.