Less Than Four Grams

February 29, 2004

I meant to post this last week, but decided I would at least adhere to my weblog vacation until the 28th or 1st. I wrote this during what was probably a major downer as my body was going through withdrawals, the second day after starting the South Beach Diet. The very next day, I felt probably better than I had in about 6 months.

Niki and I started the “South Beach Diet” (SBD) this week and it’s probably the strangest thing I’ve ever put my body through. Now being a diabetic, the whole low carb deal sounds better each day. But I never could imagine the effects, within the first 48 hours, from suddenly cutting 90-95% of the carbs out of my diet. But my blood sugar is probably more under control, than it has been in a while.

Now, the SBD is almost an 180 degree turn from the diet I was put on, after I found out I was a diabetic in 2001. At that time, I met with a diabetic educator and nutritionist, and the amount of carbs in my diet was phenomenal. We’re talking a bowl of cereal, bagel w/ cream cheese, and milk for breakfast. This diet was based on the whole fact that carbs give you energy.

Now both diets believe that you need to have three meals and two snacks throughout the day. But the thing I’m trying to get over is the hunger. I’m not eating less food, but the shift away from a majority of carbs, has my body going through withdrawals. I couldn’t see myself on the Atkins diet, with it’s bacon cheeseburgers and bacon, bacon. So we chose the SBD, because it’s a little healthier and not as nutty as Atkins’ guide.

It’s such a weird feeling, one that also made me kinda step back and wonder seriously, “why do people do this to themselves?” My goal isn’t really to lose weight as to eat healthier and as a motivator in exercise. The memory loss and lack of energy, I’m told, is only temporary.

I’m actually at my lowest weight since my senior year in high school, and about 20-25 pounds from my Junior year weight. I was at 230-235 in 2000, 210 right after I was diagnosed (lost 20 because of diabetes symptoms) in 2001 and got down to 203 toward the end of 2001. I’ve been around 210 for most of 2003. Right now, I’m running about 190 200. I lost some because I cut back my portions and as a side effect of my diabetes getting a little higher than it should. When I was down to 205, I was exercising and eating right..and because of that, I was able to maintain my diabetes without pills. That’s my 2nd goal in all of this: to get back off of my medicine.

So I’m still going through withdrawals, and it’s not that I miss potatoes it’s just how my body is fighting with me. But I’m sticking with it, because (aside from being supportive to my wife) I understand the benefits…the ultimate goals. So Niki and I are kinda our own support group in this. We’re both hungry and fighting with our bodies, but we’re really wanting to just run for a Krystal*.

*similar to a White Castle, but better.