On the Heels of Achilles

March 5, 2004

Sometimes I wonder about illnesses. Whenever I read something about a baseball pitcher with cancer of the elbow or something that effects his career, there’s the millions of stories that are pretty much the equalivent of the “Twilight Zone” where Burgess Meredith is the last man on earth, who’s sole joy in life is reading, and he breaks his glasses. Our greatest weakness, is our dependance on our bodies.

As a lot of you know, I’ve been living with diabetes and hypo-thyroidism since 2001. And from time to time, I feel completely let-down by my body. I’m not an athlete, so it’s not my arms that let me down, it’s my mind. The huge problem with hypo-thyroidism, is when you realize that you’re feeling low. Memory’s bad, mood’s bad, and just everything’s bad. I’ve been in good spirits, but just disgusted at my lack of memory and concentration.

That lack of concentration is my ackillies heel. It’s part of the reason I took most of February off. Work called, but I also needed some time to reflect about life and such. I thought my diabetes was the problem, but it’s not. It’s my thyroid.

So, I’m heading to the Doctor’s office tomorrow and hopefully will get some more synthroid and just something to make me feel a little better.