Senses of Humor…

March 8, 2004

So I mentioned that I’m having a bit of trouble with my thyroid. I was told that the results would be in on Friday, so I called and waited. I had been without the pills for a week, so my energy levels were absolute crap. Couldn’t even get a sample pack or my results on time. So on Saturday, I decided to bite the bullet and get a new refill from Wal-Green’s instead of my usual pharmacist since they’re closed on Saturday. Wal-Green’s is usually about 20% higher than the little place I go to, but I really needed to get some Synthroid flowing through me. Spent $40 and waited….

Today I found out that I need to up my dosage.

Should have just rolled down my window and tossed $40 onto the freeway. Would have had the same result.