March 9, 2004

I’ll be in Atlanta on Thursday, March 11th at the 9 Lives Saloon , playing percussion for Moe Savvy . Shows start around 8:30 and I believe we’re the opening act.

The next night, we will be in Chattanooga, Tennessee headlining “The Local”. Show starts around 9:30 and we’re scheduled to start around 11ish….

The Atlanta gig will feature a little more of our heavier music (Primus, Janes ‘Addiction, Queens of the Stone Age, Zep) with the Chattanooga performance featuring most every style we play. If you’re thinking about checking us out, visit the Moe Savvy website and listen to a couple of the MP3s to see if we’re up your alley. We’re a hard rock band, with a jam band mentality with the same kinda following.

And please, if you’re gonna attend. At least, come up and introduce yourself. I’ll be the geeky goateed fellow with the red congas. I’m probably shorter and skinnier than my photos suggest.