AT&T Wireless Sucks

March 15, 2004

We’re dropping our service from AT&T Wireless, because they’re being utter jerks about a dead phone. So this is more of a placeholder with a complete story later.

T-Mobile or Verizion or Cricket, here we come.

Niki started to have problems with her phone yesterday. This would make the 3rd time…. The first few times were within 30 days of purchase from AT&T Wireless and each time they had no problem exchanging the SIM or the Phone. So I called up AT&T-W and sat on the phone for about an hour and a half trying to figure out the problem. Multiple times we powered down the phone, popped the battery out and removed the SIM. Each time we got the same thing.

Now before I go any further in this story, let me say that each time I or a family member had a problem with a phone, the cell company had no problem sending us a replacement for no charge. AT&T Wanted $24.95 to act as a middle-man with the phone’s manufacturer. This was a little too much for me. We spend about $75 a month with AT&T on two phones and plans, so I really can’t see why they wouldn’t drop this charge.

I asked the rep, if they couldn’t drop the charge. Since we’re still under contract and this has happened multiple times. She said they could drop it, but I would still have to pay shipping & handling. Then I thought about it, and asked, “I can drop my service right now and get a phone for free”.

Now in the grand scheme of things $900-1,100 a year isn’t much for AT&T to lose. That’s probably one of the phone tech’s salary for two weeks, if not for a whole month. But when faced with the decision to drop a phone and lose a customer, they decided to still stick with their charge. Part of my problem, is that I ship with UPS, like they do. And know that phone doesn’t cost more than $6 to ship and box. $24 or even $10 is a rip-off.

So, we’re looking at new companies for our phone service. AT&T was the only group who lost clients when number portability took effect and now that they’re with Cingular, the service is only going to get worse. It’s not something I’m looking forward to. So we’re taking our numbers and will hopefully deal with a better company.

*Update – Later*

We wound up replacing Niki’s cell with a land line. I was really hoping that we could wait until Vonage had 423 area code service (they have all the other TN area codes), but we couldn’t wait. So I called BellSouth and we had a full setup within 10 minutes.

Vonage would be the ideal solution. For about $10 less per month, we could use our broadband line as our phone line. Which would be a better solution.

My cell will either be transfered to T-Mobile, Virgin, or Cricket. They’ve all been great, as far as service goes. And don’t have a problem sending me a free phone.

I guess my largest problem, is the amount of time this has taken up. My time is money and for Niki to not have a phone costs as well, not to mention the time scheduling replacements… costing us more than we’re liking. So AT&T Wireless, you guys suck.

I’m leaving this thread open for as long as possible, so those of you with AT&T Wireless problems can vent and be heard. My advice is the following, “Run. Run as far away from Cingular & AT&T Wireless as you can.”