My last political statement for a while.

March 15, 2004

I honestly do not know if I can vote for George W. Bush. Kerry isn’t exactly who we need, it was Edwards. Now we’re either gonna vote for the status quo or…the status quo. Either way we’re hosed. We can have the rich white guy or the rich white guy. Both without a clue of what’s it like to even be middle class in America. Military service doesn’t mean jack to me. Thank you for serving, but how does it relate to how you can help lead America?

Honestly, the thing that has me second guessing GWB, is the whole Howard Stern vs. FCC issue. Howard has been doing his shtick for what?…20 years? And *now* he needs to be taken off the air? I personally find Clear Channel’s “Lex & Terry ” show more offensive than Howard….just L&T’s “Drunk Bitch Friday” should be enough. We’re now having the government dictate what we should listen to…kinda. We all have that knowledge to turn the dial if we’re offended. And we all have the knowledge that if a kid is in the car, we know what music to avoid.

I’ve witnessed more and more of our freedom of speech being removed. The internet is probably one of the last bastions of free speech, but who knows for how long. I’ve witnessed personal freedoms coming under attack and don’t know if I can support the current leadership.

So, I’m gonna stop talking about politics for a while. Maybe, I can get my head together and decide. But for now, I just don’t know.