lemon trees

March 16, 2004

Been thinking about this. So my thoughts aren’t completely formed, but thought I’d go ahead and share.

From time to time, I believe in the ability weblogs have for communication. I couldn’t imagine meeting people and talking to people about how weblogs enable us to connect. But, I almost want to shy away from being a public free-for-all at times. And ask questions and have a little more open discussions than what a public forum would provide.

So here is my meek little proposal. A private weblog/messageboard where the members are invitation only and no rules. Like the various MeFi’s, but not open to the general public. Ask about design or talk about work. It doesn’t matter. I have about a 10 person list, of who I (personally) would like to have aboard. If you knew of someone you would like to be a member, it would be discussed. No more than 30/40 people on the list would be ideal.

The site wouldn’t be googleable, nor searched by “outsiders”. You would be able to have a thread without fear of deletion.

“The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club”. You can talk about being a member of the site, but the topics and discussions are off limits outside of the cozy walls of the forum. It’s all about openness.

I honestly don’t know what the site will become, or if it will be alive in 6 months time. I just wanted to put out some “feelers” on how receptive some of you would be toward this.