Lunch – Today!

March 19, 2004

I’ll be joining Mike Harrison (formerly of Chattanooga Online) for a Chugalug / Flutterby luncheon. It’s an open lunch, meaning this is also an open invite to my fellow Chattanooga bloggers.

From Mike H.:It’s an open invite for lunch at University Pizza and Deli on Vine

Street. I’ll be there from 11:45 until about 1. Today. It’ll be a mixed

crowd, sociable and conversant and not focused on Linux/*nix/Mac.. but not

ignorant of it either.

I’ll be the bald guy eating hummas!

Look upstairs on the balcony – probably. –Mike–

If you do attend, I might talk a little about the upcoming Sunny Lemon Tree community.

We had a good time at lunch. Mainly a table of geeks talking about most everything. Met a couple of fellow Flutterbyians (Polly & Topspin ) and talked a little ’bout the new project. Had a couple of questions about Movable Type and just trying to get some of those folks on weblogs. It was nice putting faces and voices with the user names.

and And Dan’s name came up quite a bit.