to the brunette, who cut me off.

March 22, 2004

Not entirely happy about my drive into work, this morning. Seems I had a driver of a Ford Excursion cut me off twice as I got onto the freeway. Not that should make the earth move, or anything. But, when I see your back-left wheel equal to my right-front wheel, turn indicator on, and actively moving into my lane, then I kinda get pissed and honk my lil peep of a horn. So trying to get outta her way, I move to the next lane and she does the exact same thing.

I guess this wouldn’t have pissed me off, as much. But I actively witnessed two of her children moving about the cabin, as it were. Do people think that they’re *that* protected in one of those oversized SUV’s? Sure my car would have been toast while hers would have probably thrashed a tire. But her kids would have been tossed all over that truck, by not being restrained.

Put down your coffee & buckle your kids in, because that $40,000 isn’t worth a life or an injury.