March 26, 2004

I haven’t talked much publicly about my neighbors in Rhea County, Tennessee. I think a majority of people in that county, as well as other Southerners, are disgusted with the county commissioners’ behavior. It wasn’t a christian thing to do, nor was it a polite thing to do. It was a stupid, fat redneck, small town power, thing to do. Most southerners’ behavior is about being polite, so please don’t let this represent us. The funniest thing I’ve _ever_ witnessed on TV, was the footage of the commission, running from the back entrance of the Rhea Co. court house, pushing microphones and cameras out of the way. I just imagine an announcer before-hand saying, “Ladies & Gentlemen….The Cowards!”

Then I read about Hussam Abdo, the Palestinian teen who almost blew himself up . I don’t believe Hussam was a coward, he was stupid and manipulated into doing this. The people who paid him $22 , were the cowards. Not willing to push their agenda on their own, they bought off a stupid teenager and promised him virgins and heaven, along with the thought of “being a hero”. The smart thing, was that Hussam didn’t push the button.

The problem with a lot of what’s going on today, is that the real puppetmasters are cowards. They’re unwilling to do something themselves or force some bigoted personal beliefs on others. It’s not the hammas leaders, strapping bombs to their jackets, it’s the youth…stupid youth that have been made to believe in the 72 virgins and the hero talk of these older cowards.

It’s also an election year, and politicians don’t want to take a stand, they want to appear in front of the cameras and follow (what they believe is) the status quo. They’re cowardly…not wanting to vocally talk about beliefs outside of a 5 second sound-bite.