March 29, 2004

I wrote this on the 19th and was one of the many reasons I dropped ads from the site.

I’ve ran a little study, testing the advertising on a couple of the sites I manage. So far, generic, non-targeted banners received…..{drum roll please} 0.00% of clicks. So banners are almost an absolute waste, unless they’re specific to your site.

On a general site, like this one, the banners aren’t clicked. Most people ignore banners, I do. But on my other site, Drumblog, I get more reaction from music-oriented banners…a little higher than the AdSense CTR. On Drumblog, eventually we will scrap almost all banners not coming from our personal advertisers.

Text Ads aren’t working either. I guess my largest gripe is with the targeting of the ads. I’ve tried BlogAds, liked the service, but no one purchased an ad. I’m using AdSense, but it’s a waste on general sites like this one, just like the web banners. So on this site, they’re going away… On Drumblog, they work decently, so they’ll stay.

The only thing that has worked, are affiliate programs. I’m a member of the eBay affiliate program & it pays based on bids and purchases. So you may click on a link to an auction, not like that item but bid on something else. You’re still going to help the the affiliate sending links to eBay. It’s a great system and one I’m glad I looked into.

Side note:

I surf eBay auctions a lot. And was about to setup a weekly post with an author to comb through the listings and write about unique items. What an awfully long list of steps to publish a listing. So I setup a side blog that deals with the “Best of eBay”. Like here, I’ll post a link and maybe make a comment, but since those links go through the affiliate system, it’s helping to fund the site. It’s probably my most popular section.