Hi-Fi 100

March 30, 2004

I got a neat little “toy” today. A Canopus ADVC100 Analog to Digital converter. I’m starting to work a little with video editing. Basically the process I’m starting out with, is to transfer into iMovie from VHS, then use the share command to export to .MOV files. I get a 60 second movie into a 1.5mb Quicktime file.

Now, my main experience with video editing, is ancient. I experimented with running two VHS systems into a third final. Roughly mixing cuts….roughly is the key word. It’s one of those things you do when you’re 15/16/17/18, have access to extra VHS machines, and are bored beyond words. I didn’t have a computer, so it was drumming and working. And this just filled in the time.

My secondary experience, is by watching true videographers at work. When I wrote a couple of commercials or when I was assigned to manage a shoot. I usually watched as the group we used, would take everything back and dump it into their network. They would fire-up Director Premiere and usually cut a rough within a few minutes. The company I used, always shot digital and were just getting FireWire-enabled laptops for the ability to edit on location.

I’m moving those tapes to digital and adding a couple of identifiers to each video. I’m using iMovie because it’s simple and quicker for a newbie like me to grasp. This is also more of a test to see how far I can take this and learn about what I’m doing. Anything involving me and technology, wasn’t something I went to school for. It was usually a curiosity and I just absorbed whatever I could and learned from there. Computers, Web Design, QTVR, and even the video stuff I’m doing are just things I’ve picked up.