DotCom v3.0

March 31, 2004

It’s starting to trickle through the DNS of various servers around the world, but the new website for my freelancing business has been updated. v 3.0

It’s plainer than what I originally visualized and after going through 10 different ideas, this was the one that stuck. The main focus is that after all, it’s the content that people want. If you hide it behind a design, then what use is it?

The banners at the top are all photos from my iPhoto database. Each section calls a photo and various bits of related CSS code. It’s nothing fancy. My portfolio has been changed as well, by making the screenshots smaller and giving a little bit of information on each project. Actually not all of the pages in the portfolio have that yet, but it’s a work in progress.

I seem to have some sort of CSS mental telepathy, because the site I threw out a couple of weeks ago, very closely resembled the new Happy Cog website.

So look around and if you need any work, please give us a try.