Things I Wish I Could Do.

April 1, 2004

Back in 2001, I kept going between a couple of different systems to manage this site. I went from FrontPage to Blogger, then I created my own system…kinda. It was loosely based on a little news script, that I used for an Intranet. It was a very cool ASP script that depended on an Access database for management. I realized about a month into using the script, for the weblog, I f-ed up.

So I moved to NewsPro, then back to Blogger and finally to Movable Type. MT has been good to me, I’ve built this website and about a dozen more by incorporating their system. I actually receive a good chunk of my salary from working with Movable Type, as it powers the website of one of the largest health care systems on the East Coast, who employees me to maintain said site. I actively spend about 40 hours a week, dealing with Movable Type. Either at the 9-5 Job, my side job, or on this weblog.

I don’t know what did it. But I’m just ready to move on from Movable Type. I’m tired of trying to find new ways to use the software, implement it, then have some little weblog do a fraction of what we’re doing, only to receive *huge* mentions. I thought it was cool we used Movable Type, but it’s time to breakup and move on.

So, I’ve been playing with Pages an awful lot. I wish I had my PHP skillz together or I would love to do something similar, but for my individual and cheap needs. I’m moving to a PHP-based system, with categories, and with the ability to run on IIS. I just don’t know where to start. Actually, I have a few little trails I want to follow, but I’m not entirely sure, they’re going to be what I want. So suggest away, or ask away.

I know I posted this on April Fool’s Day, but I’m serious.