Boredom Wains

April 3, 2004

I’m bored with the blue stylesheet, so I’m playing around with a couple of ideas. This one is based upon two things: this bass guitar and an image I snapped the last time I played “The Local”. They have this swirly pattern around their walls, so I snapped a couple of images while playing with colors and keeping my iris open a little longer than normal.

I love how some people can make beautiful things from wood. Bass guitars, drums, furniture. I envy how easy they make it look. I can sit back and create with Photoshop in front of a computer, while others use their hands and create perfection. Computers do not make perfection, people do. But I Digress…

This design will be updated and tweaked for the next few days, as I keep trying to see what I can get away with within this template.