tin, aluminum, diamond

April 6, 2004

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. I still don’t know if it was suicide or someone connected to Courtney Love, but it was a shock when it happened. I was never a Nirvana fan, but being 18 in ’92, it was just part of the daily soundtrack.

It’s not like Kennedy or King being shot, but I do remember what was going on when I found out. I just quit my job to concentrate on school…I was probably a week into being jobless (aside from playing gigs for gas money). I just remember driving home and sitting on the couch when Kurt Loder and that strange looking dude from Rolling Stone mag, were on the screen talking about what had happened. I believe I called a friend to let him know, and we just laughed about the whole thing. I think possibly, because we all predicted that Kurt would take the Jim Morrison pill and die young. Now, it had all come to fruition.

The band I was in at the time, played a “tribute” to Kurt that weekend…mainly playing “Heart Shaped Box”….poorly. We were all into Soundgarden, Janes’ Addiction, & Alice in Chains a little more than we were into Nirvana, but we hated losing someone before their time. We’re still shocked at how people still idolize him.

Some of you can sit back and talk about how Kurt’s lyrics spoke to you, but you’re just lamenting over someone’s troubled life. Kurt needed help but the huge machine behind him kept pushing him…not getting him help. We lost Layne Staley & Shannon Hoon the same way. It’s not that we lost talented people, but that we had to listen as they slowly died on the air. They all needed help and the fans couldn’t do nothing, the people close to them just let them go…allowing them to commit their suicide, either through Kurt’s way or through their addictions…one man’s gun is another man’s needle.