twenty percent

April 12, 2004

I finished reading Anil’s post “The Andrew Sullivan of Email “, where he suggests a micropayment system for email responses: “If you get me an answer on this in 8 hours, I’ll PayPal you a dollar.”.

But he also mentions “tip jars”. “lots of bloggers have found it’s worth their while to update their sites if they put out a tip jar or PayPal link and get donations from their readers to subsidize the time they spend writing”

We’ve been up that road before, tipjars, ads, etc. But I’ve started looking at these posts as conversations with friends. I sure wouldn’t charge someone to listen to me talk nor ask a question. Leaving a tipjar out is something for a lounge singer, not a simple conversation at a table. I’m all for capitalism, but not for personal blogs. Now for business blogs, like Drumblog , we’re not above groveling for change.