Variable Color Schemes.

April 14, 2004

Started over on this thread at WebGraphic, & based on Jeff’s idea of variable stylesheets. Can any of you PHP dynamos can help put something together?

Here’s what I asked:

Ok, is there a way to go from adding four colors to just adding one base color and having PHP render a color scheme? Type #333333 into one space and monochrome or triad in another and have PHP spit out the color codes?

So here is my request:

Is this doable, first of all? And second, can someone create a script that would accept one “base” color and spit out color1 color2, as triads or even monochromatic variables. I know something similar is being done in Photostack , but could this be processed to CSS? And as Nate noted in the WG link, Pixy’s color schemer is doing something similar (although it looks like JavaScript).