Blogosphere Mental Health Awareness Week

April 17, 2004

It’s interesting that this week has turned into “Blogosphere Mental Health Awareness Week”. A term that I really don’t mean in jest or should be taken lightly. Dooce and Michelle are both brave souls for publicly discussing personal mental health issues.

Maybe it will push someone to seek help or help people identify with others in the same boat. I know that I’ve dealt with depression without meds and I’ve also dealt with it as a side effect to having hypothyroidism . Depression is an evil monster that sometimes make you feel like you’re the only one with the problem. It crushes your will and your initiative….and for me, slowly drains the creativity from your body.

I’ll leave this post open a little longer than normal, so if anyone would like talk about their bouts with depression, please feel free to post in the comments. Use a fake name & email if you wish.