what if he’s not the answer?

April 19, 2004

I’ve laid-low on the political front lately, mainly since John Edwards dropped out. Not entirely by design, but to also see if I could stand John Kerry enough to vote for him. I can’t.

It’s the same old political b.s. both sides are throwing around. I really want to run away from the GOP, since they’re trying to take away some of the powers of the supreme court. But the Dems haven’t shown me why I should vote for them instead. Iraq is only 1/4 of the decision.

I said before, “I’ll only vote for Bush if Kerry is chosen as the Democratic nominee{.liinternal}.” And I’ll almost stand by that, but seeing both parties completely lie (well it is politics), I’m wondering why should I vote if they don’t listen.

If John Kerry is elected, we’ll still be in the same boat. Troops will still be in Iraq, gas prices will still go up, and the jobless rate won’t change. It’s like that line from The Who’s “<a href=”http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Won” t-Get-Fooled-Again-lyrics-The-Who/761EF79AAB42FA9C48256977002E72F9” class=”liexternal”>Won’t Get Fooled Again</a>”

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