At My Doorstep

April 22, 2004

No less than 400 feet away from our apartment building, is the conversion of what was once a vast farm land, into something more commercial. For the past few months, we’ve watched as giant bulldozers and dump-trucks hauled away what I remember as acres upon acres of a family farm. We’re hearing that a new apartment complex is going in, but it could just as well be a small shopping center.

It seems I’m at home, sick, on the days when they’re blasting. It’s not a loud sound, only once did anything rattle. It’s just like hearing an explosion on TV, only this time. It just that my cats’ ears and heads go toward the direction of the blast

We’re really looking forward to getting out of this place. It’s been fairly nice for the past 15 months and Niki’s year she spent here too. Sure we became worried when a naked man was arrested on premises a couple of weeks before we moved in, one set of bad neighbors{.liinternal}, and hearing about kids setting fires two days ago, doesn’t help.

I think we’ll be happy once we get a house. Sure, there will be problems but they’re bound to be better than the problems we’re having now. One of the things that keeps us here, is the fairly low cost of housing. $150k worth of housing here, would cost around $500k in a large city….and probably more in the Bay Area. We’re going to start small, not even $100k. Someplace we can fix-up and expand and a place where we can get our business in order while we build something for the future.