Mini Post

April 26, 2004

While Niki and I were sitting & dining outside the Mellow Mushroom , enjoying the worst of 80’s music and waiting on her boss to arrive, she started noticing how all of the young girls were wearing mini skirts that were a little too mini. Since when did young girls started looking to Paris Hilton for fashion advice? I, for one, blame the private schools.

Now, what I tried to explain to Niki was that I was a teen during the strange time right before grunge took favor over the hair metal mania of the late 80’s. When I was around those girls’ ages, most of my female friends had hair that looked to be consumed by a can and a half of White Rain and took pleasure in dressing like Pam Debarres going to the grocery store. Torn jeans, jean jackets, t-shirts. But saved their mini leather skirts for when Poison or numerous other “big hair bands ” came into town.

I understand fashion trends, mainly in how they give the fashion makers more money. I know they were hoping Bjork’s swan dress would be the new rage. The fashion designers are actually cost cutters. Using the same amount of fabric that would normally make two or three pairs of pants, they can make one mini skirt that costs about 30% more than the pairs of pants….all with less fabric.

I’m not just saying this crap, because my wife reads the website. But who would let their daughter out of the house wearing some of this stuff? If they’re showing this much now, what will they be showing in 5-10 years? Who knows, we could have some moralist turnaround where the 1920’s bathing suit seems kinda slutty and the Jilbab or Amish Dress seem normal.