April 30, 2004

I’ve been revisiting Apple’s Safari browser, as I’m getting a little tired of some of the wonky things that Firefox does. So I’ve been switching between FireFox & Safari at home and work. Here are some of my “problems” with both browsers.

  • FireFox
  • CTRL-M should be Minimize, not Mail. It’s minimize on most other programs, so why not on FireFox?
  • NTLM Support. It’s in there, but on every Mozilla browser, it’s handled differently. It’s gotten to the point where I use Camino, if I have to login to one of my secured sites. FireFox will crash or not save passwords.
  • It’s not as fast as Camino or Safari.

  • Safari
  • No ‘back’ or ‘forward’ buttons when you right click in the page windows. I kinda expect these context menus in a browser now, IE & he Mozilla browsers have them.
  • NTLM Support. At work, I’m behind a Microsoft firewall that will not allow non-authenticated users to view the internet. Mozilla & IE have this, Safari does not. Safari users can only views sites by using a 3rd party python firewall as a workaround. Safari won’t have enterprise support, until this is added.
  • Make the Stop/Refresh buttons into two buttons and allow the customization of buttons.
  • Some pages still ‘wonky’. Not entirely the fault of Safari, but still I have to avoid using this browser for a lot of work projects.