I _ Salespeople

May 4, 2004

Being the web producer/master/designer/janitor, I get all kinds of requests from various content management companies. Apparently, content management is the big buzzword floating around…like portals & vortals . Because I’m getting roughly 3-4 calls a day and numerous brochures talking about the latest & greatest in content management, each costing *way* too much.

I understand the reason why I get these calls. Most larger businesses are like beacons of full pockets that many vendors want to tap into. So I get these calls and have to honestly let them know we’re not looking. Some try to pitch it again, while others sit quietly on the other end of the line without a response. I know most of these are unsolicited, or from people who meet one of our Execs and expect a meeting where they can show us one of the greatest PowerPoint presentations in our zipcode, WebEx us, or give us a tour through their online demo.

These programs aren’t bad, they’re just overkill for what I need…and I suspect that most hospitals only use about 10% of the program to publish their site. If I wanted to use something larger, I’d look toward Mambo or Typo3 . They’re open source and cost $0. I’ve looked and spent weeks upon weeks, seeing what’s out there. But honestly, why would anyone spend $50k on Sharepoint or $20k on a couple of other programs. Vignette is a killer system, but it’s overkill for most facilities.

I’m not under pressure to change CMSs at work. While I wanted to ditch Movable Type{.liinternal}, it keeps chugging along and works without fail. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right?