May 6, 2004

My wonderful little iBook has died and should be back home next week. So for the time being, I’m behind on emails and probably won’t post until then.

This is the second time, I’ve sent the little chicklet-looking iBook back to Apple, who is wonderful when it comes to repairs. Plus I have AppleCare, so I’m not too worried. I seem to have the same problem many have with the iBooks: Logic Board .

I went through that page and saw this list:

  • Scrambled or distorted video
  • Appearance of unexpected lines on the screen
  • Intermittent video image
  • Video freeze
  • Computer starts up to blank screen

…and immediately went, “have it, have it, have it, have it, have it”.

We use the little iBook as our only machine at home and it’s constantly being hauled around the apartment, sitting at the desk, or on our coffee table. It’s wonderfully useful. But it’s on constantly. It’s a desktop replacement, so I’m wondering if this had something to do with it’s glitches.

I’m now wondering if I should go back to having a desktop & a cheap laptop? So once we get the little guy back, it might be for sale.