Computing at the Speed of Frustration

May 7, 2004

I’m not one to push my computers beyond a normal workout. I don’t play games, I surf the web, design graphics and websites all in a normal day. But it seems when you’re working on a deadline, all of that is moot. Because no matter how many programs you have open or the size of files you’re working, it’s not fast enough.

I’m working under a couple of tight deadlines and it seems that everything is breaking: Flat tires, iBooks, etc. And that mounts up to your frustration when you’re burning a disk. I never noticed it before, but to burn a disk under “OS X”, you go through about 3-4 processes. When you have roughly 30 minutes to find the photos you need to FedEX in 30 minutes, that last verification process seems to take forever. I closed out of every program and just stared at the screening saying, “Just write the fucking disk”. No matter the amount of memory or processor speed, this always happens.

I’m pretty sure that there are people beowulfing their home systems and still sit there tapping their fingers on a mouse, completely unsatisfied with with how long it takes to get something done.

Rules of Life # 493

No matter how fast your computer runs, the deadline is always faster.