On Blogger…

May 12, 2004

Like a lot of fellow bloggers, I’m gonna talk a little about the new Blogger redesign. And I must say, that it’s probably one of the best looking applications out there currently.

I’ve been playing around with an old blog{.liinternal} and a new one and the features added to Blogger, make me almost want to jump back. I used Blogger in 2001 and was one of the first to pay for BloggerPro on the day it was released. All in all, Ev an the crew over at Blogger make a good product. Unfortunately, they never (or were slowly) added features that Movable Type and others were embracing. The lack of a comment script is one of the reasons I moved to Movable Type.

So I’m playing around with Blogger, now seeing that I really like it and the wonderful new templates. This should help make Blogger again become a formidable foe for TypePad & the LiveJournal service. Plus I always like it when an Atom feed is default.