What Movable Type's New License Means to Me.

May 13, 2004

Unfortunately I had high hopes about Movable Type 3.0 in use at Erlanger Health System’s nationally award winning website. It’s not the cost, that makes absolutely no difference, since it’s reasonable and something we can afford. It’s with the “Maximum Weblogs” allowed under their new commercial license . Right now, our installation uses 20 different weblogs to publish the website, 5 more than what’s allowed under the new commercial license.

I wrote to the SixApart staff, asking more about this limitation. I also explained that this number will probably grow much larger once we start a couple of other projects on our site.

I really don’t want to use another CMS for the site. I looked at others and none are as simple to use and as highly customizable as Movable Type. It allows flexibility in almost everything, from what server it can run on and what type of database. Because of our setup, we’re still using a BerkeleyDB database.

If I have to, I will not move from our currently version of Movable Type. It’s running (knock on wood) stable and suites our needs. Trust me, I’ve looked at others with fancy interfaces, but none offer what we expect and need.