May 14, 2004

In the midsts of trying to install a new CMS on multiple operating systems, and working with a couple of new clients, among a couple of other projects, I’ve been without my iBook all week. Got it back today.

It was the dreaded iBook logic board that they replaced, but they also updated my OS X to 10.3….as a clean install. So those nice 6gb of MP3s and iTMS-purchased music are probably gone and some client data I couldn’t pull off. Luckily I have an external FireWire drive that should have most of everything I lost. I was very happy about the upgrade, but not so happy to have my hard drive erased because of a logic board problem.

It’s running really fast with nothing but the default install, and just seems to snap a little better. Now I’m wondering if I should just box it up and sell it or keep it for a while.