Voyage Away from Normal

May 17, 2004

I have more words to fill this space about something other than what I use to publish the site. But for now, you’ll get a post like this.

I’m changing from Movable Type to Product X, once I decide what that product will be. I can say that I spent all day working with MySQL and IIS and PHP and feel like I’m starting over.

I don’t like feeling lost when I work with a new product. Because what happens is, I usually piss off a developer or two about a certain philosophy that absolutely makes no sense….well it does, but it’s not a good way to make it work. I can come up with how I want the system to work…and it’s more than capable of working the m.kelley method, but it’s figuring out how to make it work on my funky setup with as minimal url changes as humanly possible.

I honestly want to just get a system out of the box, to work exactly like I want. I want to be able to use my current template and have no one realize a change. I want to be able to use my same url structure and have no one realize a change. But that’s not gonna happen.

I’m very impatient about getting something to work. I’m now thinking back to the weeks I’ve spent, getting Movable Type to be usable as a CMS instead of a blog script and surprised that I was able to get anything done. I’m now at that point again: taking an existing program and make it work for my needs.

I will say this. Whatever CMS group I wind up using, it will be a stellar example of what can be done with your software. I may bitch and moan along the way, but it’s gonna be well worth it.