What a long strange trip it's been…

May 19, 2004

Sometime last week, Wednesday sounds right, we found out about this little house “over the dam” as the locals call the little community of Hixon. We just drove up one evening, after work, and peeped through the dirty windows and walked about the property. Nice looking property with a grassy backyard and in need of a new roof.

Now, I’m not sure where all of this began. Because on Monday, we weren’t even thinking about getting a house until around January 2005, when our current lease expired. But somehow, we’re seriously wanting this one little house.

I think it was after visiting the house and eating dinner, where we started talking about what we would do to the house. Re-Roof, transform the basement into a proper office for the business, paint…..actually kinda amateurish thinking after the first glance. Because, as we later found out, the work that really needed to be done, pushed those “wants” back.

If you know me, the major things that happen in my life just…pop up. I could never really foresee visiting dozens of houses to find that “perfect” one. Sure, we could drive around and look through neighborhoods and subdivisions but in the back of our minds, we knew that somehow the right house for us, would fall in our laps unexpectedly.

This little house, has made us want to get our of our apartment. We didn’t plan for this, nor did we anticipate how excited we would be on the shear thought of living in *our* house by summer.

Oh? Did someone say money?

See that’s what we’re thinking now, “Where are we gonna get the money?” Luckily I have two connections on the money front, a client and a family member…both mortgage brokers. So we’re gonna go through and check out the work that needs to be physically done at the house before we check out the financial side. More of a precaution and also to see if that good price is really worth the sweat equity that the house will definitely need.