Hey MP3's

May 23, 2004

I’m hosting a few MP3s for my band Moe Savvy and my good friend (and a wonderful singer-songwriter) e.t., from our recent interview (as of 30 minutes ago) from Chattanooga’s Rock 105’s “Homegrown” .

We did a small interview with “Oz” and talked about our gig last night and kinda the history behind the bands. The music from that interview is available here{.liinternal}, and the interview will be online in the next few days.

It was a nice station, probably since Clear Channel “owns” Chattanooga radio. I was also amazed at how everything is now done via computer & MP3s. The last time I was in the studio, we were still dealing with CD carts and some MP3s….time before that…was still Windows 3.1, so no MP3s. Neat setup.

I also forgot to give another plug to e.t., he also writes under the name “E. Three” in the Chattanooga Scene .