Road to 2005

June 1, 2004

The last time I spoke in front of a large group of people, was probably around 6 years ago, when I had to show the new (at the time) Hutcheson Medical Center website to our Board of Directors. The time before that, was when I showed the entire group of managers and directors at Hutcheson the first intranet. Each time, it was a little nerve-wracking since I usually only had a couple of days to plan and layout my presentation.

This time I had a month, but it’s been one of the strangest and busiest months and to put this kinda project together in the midst of that, was just a struggle. So last Thursday, I gave my little PowerPoint on my 2 years at Erlanger and the process we’ve gone through to get to where we are now. I’ve met (and exceeded) my goals for the first year and a half for the site and now we can brag a little while we start planning the next version.

I’m not a fan of an entire PowerPoint comprised of charts, so I have a simple message were I discussed the original # of unique visits, where we were at 6 months in, and where we’re at now. And how we got those numbers up and how we compare with our peers across the nation. I speak better on a weblog than I can present, so it’s something I’m still working on.

So, with that PowerPoint behind me, I’m setting some new goals for rest of 2004 and the continuing development of the site. Some of the things, I really don’t ever want to put on a public website, until the new site is launched. But some of the basic ideas are below:

  • Ditch tables, convert to tableless design.

  • Heighten accessibility, beyond what we’re doing now.

  • Increase visitors by 10%, every 6 months.

  • Create a more “flexible” layout.

  • Reexamine our secret ingredient, make sweeter.

    Sorry that’s from “Road to 1985, when I was working on New Coke.

Honestly, that’s it for the design portion. We’ll work on lots of the processes behind the scenes, and things like user testing. But everything else is starting from scratch.