Help Wanted

June 7, 2004

Any Chattanooga area web designers looking for a job? Must be knowledgeable of XHTML, CSS, PHP, ASP and have experience with Photoshop & Illustrator. Being OS X & Movable Type savvy is a definite plus. It would be very nice to see an online portfolio. I might be apart of the interview process, but will definitely give the low-down on the job and the contact information. (heck…I wrote the job description)

Not looking for Freelancers or Web Design companies, but for someone who would manage a website from the design level on up. You would be working with journalists and authors with many, many years of experience and you would get to help start a project to maintain & further advance that website to the next level.

The job has full benefits (Dental & Medical, Life Insurance, retirement plan) and would be a nice start for someone, wanting to jump to the next level of their career. The salary is nice, but not for public consumption. Leave a comment for more information.