Of Browser Frustration

June 7, 2004

Ok, I’ve been playing around with some CSS for that Reagan image above and I’m rather shocked that across Mozilla-based browsers, I don’t get a uniform placement. Camino has the proper spacing, while FireFox goofs it up. FireFox goofs a lot of things up, and I’m growing very dissatisfied with using it as my main browser at work.

I’ve been playing around with a couple of CSS filters for a project I’m working on, and I’m still amazed at how IE 6 is still broken. Sure Microsoft’s IE team has a Wiki , but we still have these problems. Sure we could all login and post our opinions, but dammit, it’s getting old to have such delays. No amount of Microsoft PR spin will change this.

I’m getting frustrated with most browsers, and no one is perfect. They all have bugs and it’s just a tradeoff between what one bug limits your experience vs another. We’re using Camino in the Kelley household now, it suits our needs and hasn’t coughed up any major bugs that hinder what we’re using a web browser for. We can check our checking account, we can browse eBay, and the only problem I have is checking Outlook Webmail at work…