On A Raft From Cuba

June 15, 2004

I have about 5 spots available for any weblogger who needs a host, in-lieu of Dave Winer’s decision to close weblogs.com. There is one stipulation: no Manila or Radio sites…..convert it over to Blogger, MT, or one of the many blog CMSs out there, and I’ll be glad to setup a place on my Drumblog.com server. You’ll get FTP & a Login for your space…

Don’t worry, that bad old man won’t ever harm your weblog again.

Al is offering a similar setup , I stole the idea from him. So hop on a raft and get away from that little island dictatorship called Weblogs.com.

If you want the setup, please make a comment here with your original URL. I’m going to verify the site and I’ll send an email back with your information.

** Update **

All I have to say, is that Photo Matt’s Redirection Proposal is something that would help in the problems….but I doubt Dave would want to redirect people to anything other than that ____ Manila program.