June 16, 2004

So, I was sitting in my office yesterday and heard someone mention something about fire. Not in the building but in our parking deck. So we go to the office that has the best view of the spectacle, and we see this bonfire on the top deck that was honestly pretty cool. Then we all started thinking, “hey who’s cars are near that burning timebomb”? “ah crap”.

car-b-que - click for full size</div My car is fine, but it was about 3 spaces down/the second car from this burning Dodge and on the opposite side of a coworker's brand new vehicle. Right as the car started spewing black smoke, like it hit a tire or the oil, the firemen started putting out the blaze. The owners of the car, were heading into my building for a Dr's appointment. About as soon as they got across the skywalk and into the building, the car started flaming up. My coworker, who first saw the blaze, was just typing at the keyboard and just caught something out of the corner of her eye..."type.type.type, Fire?" The couple had some problems with the (rather new-ish, late 90's early 00's) car, but never thought it would turn into a bonfire. Of course, I'm the geek wishing I had a camera available when all of this was going on. </p>