Four Years

June 18, 2004

1195 Entries, 506 Comments, 4 Weblog System, 3 Jobs

I decided about two weeks ago to change the look of the site to coincide with the fourth official anniversary of keeping this weblog. I started looking in early May for a couple of design ideas for sites and templates I’m working on, and originally had no reason to change the look of the site. But I slowly wanted to change how I’ve presented my words and their presentation.

I started going through’s Prelinger Archives and found a unique movie about the bombing of Pearl Harbor, that’s a fine example of propaganda. The movie has one small clip, the clip you see above, and I immediately decided that would be the basis for the new site.

Here’s the thinking:

Pearl Harbor = December 7th

Mike Kelley = birthday December 7th

Propaganda = Personal Weblog

I’ve dropped the bookmarks from public consumption. I’ve also dropped my photo gallery too, as I lost about 3 years of photos in a horrible hard drive loss and I really have to start over. I expanded the Sideblog and changed just how I present the site. I’ve also dropped my 1999 posts, since they’re not at all reflective of this weblog. I’ve also moved over to Movable Type 3.0…no comments, please.

Wordwise – You can easily look back and see the simple and horribly written beginning that this weblog has come in 4 years. I’ve never professed to be a good writer, and I think this weblog is a shining example of just writing…good and bad.

This is also the point that I talk about a couple of decisions in my life. Originally, I also thought about shutting down the site. From time to time I think it’s ran it’s course, but in the end, it changes daily. Not to say, there will be a 5th anniversary, or even a 10th, it’s just a constant reevaluation of what I’m doing here.

I’m also going to announce that as of today, I no longer work for Erlanger . I’ve grown into a position that was more than that of a web designer and actually outgrew what I wanted to accomplish. Great people working there, the best non-Agency Marketing/PR department in the country. So yes, that post “Help Wanted{.liinternal}” was my job. I wanted out of healthcare and wanted to see where to take my life.

The whole process made me reevaluate myself.

So I started sending resumes out and in midst of having one of the worst months ever & trying out new CMSs, I get roughly 4 job offers. 3 of those would require Niki & me to move from Chattanooga. I honestly looked at the offers and considered moving to Virginia or Atlanta, but thought I would be of more use here.

As of Monday, June 21st, I will be a computer geek again. Actually, a computer geek for (get this) an art department. I have such a strange line of experience, from graphic design to network administration, that the job kinda lent it’s self to someone like me. I’m keeping my new employer’s name off of the site, but the new job is in Dalton, Georgia…the “Carpet Capital of the World”, so you can kinda gather it’s involving the carpeting/flooring industry.

So as of today, June 18th, 2004, I’m leaving behind 10 years (June 16th, 1994) of Healthcare experience for a new, yet familiar, role. I’m still taking private freelance clients for web design, and hope to talk more about what’s next for M.Kelley Public Works in the coming weeks. Lots of changes, lots of driving, and lots to learn.

Thanks for visiting, reading, and commenting for four years,

Mike Kelley