Day 1

June 21, 2004

So I started the new job today, came in a little early and met with HR to sign a few things. Then as soon as hit the art room, I had a dead computer to contend with. Actually, it was “Hey, welcome to the company…here are some things we need you to work on”. So no less than :05 into the job and I already had something that took be about 6 hours to work on.

I’m the Mac geek in charge of around 15-20 G4’s and G5’s running a mix of OS X 10.2 and some on MacOS 9. Unfortunately, we’re heavily a Quark shop. I loath and despise QuarkXPress, mainly based on how many problems I had over the years…that finally made me move to InDesign.

So my 6 hour problem today, was Quark. Searching through newsgroups and Googling over the errors the little Mac had, and then pouring over Quark’s horrible support site and still trying to find any answer for an error that Quark even seemed surprised about, “-2624? Can’t find that one”. So finally I got my verification key and reinstalled Quark and still had that damn problem. So I just got pissed and reinstalled classic and fixed the problem.

I’m trying to get adjusted to a new job, a new employer, and a completely new industry. It’s probably one of the most quiet places I’ve worked. Very few people have a phone, everyone is wearing headphones listening to CDs or whatever they have on iTunes. It’s dark, and it’s right up my alley.