Of The Week

June 25, 2004

So for the (almost) end of the week, it’s been busy. Learning the new job and the little ins and outs of the carpet and printing industry has been a huge eye opener. I’ve been working so deep into QuarkXPress, that I so want to punch the CEO of Quark for every time I’ve been promised an email or that my call would be transferred or returned.

But the thing that impacted part of the week, is that my Mom is in the ICU. She’ll be ok. Unless it’s heart or trauma related, I think they send you there to have more eyeballs on your stats and to normalize your body. She got somethings out of wack, with the same thyroid condition I have. So, she’s getting fluids and about 8 pints of blood(!) into her body….

Did I mention this was the week she took off for vacation? She’s kinda bummed about that, spending your time off in the hospital, but I pointed out that she’ll have people waiting on her hand and foot while they let her watch TV all day and not have to worry about anything…the ideal vacation. Well the ideal vacation without the sand and sun or the nice sights of a new town.

Of course, I think it’s funny that I finally got out of the hospital and I still have to go there daily (well at least until my mom is released).

It’s also a small world. The nurse manager over the ICU was my very first girlfriend in elementary school.