Fresh Air

June 28, 2004

One of the things that I’m kinda looking forward to, is keeping my ideas to myself. I had a test bed at Erlanger, that allowed me to constantly tinker and experiment with Movable Type and to find new uses in it’s implementation. I have a couple of “mental concepts”, ideas that aren’t on paper, but things I know would work that sort-of evolved from putting Movable Type through it’s paces.

Most of my creativity and right-brained thinking about web design and the concepts, all went toward the Erlanger site. Finding new ways to use a category tag, new uses in wrapping CSS based on keywords, etc. All of these are things that honestly gets you thinking about how much further you can push the software. Most days, when I returned home, I simply didn’t have the mental energy to be creative for *my* projects.

I’m getting acclimated back into the I.T. world, and slowly moving back to using that right-brain for personal and freelance projects, instead of 24/7. I.T. involves a lot of analytical thinking that I’ve shoved back into the deep recesses of my brain, for the past 4.5 years. I’ve been dealing with a lot of “writer’s block” when trying to design websites or maintain this weblog. I think I’ve really grown and will continue to, but it’s going to not be my major focus in the new job.

Honestly, there were days that I just felt the place was sucking the creativity outta me. When you work for an art major and explain this to them, they immediately see and understand what you’re going through. Most people are kinda shocked that I’m heading back to being a computer tech, instead of in a graphic design field. I’ve always said to myself, that I would only go back if it was truly a unique opportunity. Not saying this is a permanent change, I’d be daft to even think about where I’ll be in 2-5 years, but I’m keeping all options open.

Leaving Erlanger…actually strike that, leaving my boss was the hardest thing I’ve had to do. To go into her office and tell the person who gave me my two biggest shots in life that I’m leaving….actually being only the 2nd person to ever resign in her career, was difficult. She was a mentor and someone who truly supported me in my craft. To walk away from that, made me sick to my stomach for about 3 weeks.

So, I’m getting adjusted to the new working place, the longer drive, the new people, etc. It’s like riding a bike, you never forget. But I have new tasks ahead of me and another branch on the tree of life to climb.

Yeah, it’s sappy, so what?.