July 1, 2004

I really don’t have an opinion on anything right now. So this post is really gonna be some random things and just some updates….

Mom is finally out of the hospital. She’s doing well and her nice new cat is happy she’s home. While it was serious her first day in there, she recovered quick enough that they were trying to get her to a normal room in record time. She’ll be at home for a couple of weeks, kinda getting a vacation for the one she’s missed.

The new job is sooo different. Different industry, different atmosphere…more like an actual office. Everyone I run into, asks how the job has been going, and I can only really say that I never realized how much organized healthcare is than most other industries. Healthcare is so regulated, that everything any healthcare employee does comes under some kind of federal law. HIPAA, Stark Act, not to mention what you have to deal with when you work for a public entity…things like Tennessee’s “Sunshine Law”. It’s such a different world.

I’ve been working on a couple of web projects that I’m slowly getting together. My drum site, Drumblog!, has some exciting changes coming ahead. One of the people I’m working with, in the new job, is also a veteran of a few drum manufactures and places like Volvo. So through him, I’m getting a couple of introductions and leads to people in the industry.

Niki and I are still happy and will start or next house hunt later in the year. We’re kinda glad we didn’t get the house in Hixon, since that would make my new commute doubly long. So, we’re going to look for a place to rent or own back in North Georgia.

The posts around here, will start to come back to a normal schedule. I’m still getting acclimated to the new drive and just the work and whatever is draining my energy.