The Violent Fire then Teenage Werewolf

July 2, 2004

One of the odd-to-me things at the new job, is the massive MP3 usage going on. iPods everywhere, shared iTunes collections…hell I inherited a nice older dual G4 system with about six gigabytes of music.

Much of my job is away from my desk, so I don’t get to enjoy the music as much as I probably could if I was designing all day and not having a phone to watch over. But I really enjoy the later parts of the day, where I can add my tech calls into the database and just listen to whatever iTunes shuffles around.

It’s been a relief to work around such a wide variety of creative people, from the writers at Erlanger to the immense talent producing work at the new gig. Just watching someone color correct the hell out of an ink jet printer for a proof is a learning experience. We’re producing some major work here, nice stuff that you’ve seen.

I’ve always thought that life is constant evolution. I got where I was so unsatisfied with my work and just needed a change. It was a huge step that I’m still agonizing over and still wondering where I stand. But I thought of this on a drive home….I feel running around and fixing things is a more “honest” work for me. I feel I’m doing something more productive than setting up a logo for a widget or just some of the mundane things I wound up doing.

I do apologize for my constant discussions involving the new job, but it’s such a change that it’s the only thing I can talk about.