and there it is in neon, liquor beer and wine

July 3, 2004

i look up to the heavens for

a ray of hope to shine

and there it is in neon

liquor beer and wine

I started watching a little show about Revenuers , ATF agents who’s job it is to break up “illegal” stills. Now this is something my part of the county is known for, whiskey runnin’.

So while I’m watching it, I’m starting to question why we’re cracking down on homemade whiskey. Mainly the main source is that it’s taking money away from the government. The show talked about the bad sort of white lighting that could blind people….basically a scare tactic.

Why is it, that people can brew beer and wine in their homes but people wanting to make cheap corn or sugar whiskey, get treated like they’re making crystal meth? Not to make light of everything, but it always reminded me of an episode of “Married With Children”, where Al fights a possible beer tax .

It seems that the greatest crime the whiskey makers committed was not giving the government their share. So the federal agents would blow up stills using dynamite or stop people (runners and just normal people) and search their cars…..try that now and you’d be talking about profiling and doing things without a warrant. Now think that a lot of this took part in the poorest areas of the United States….people needing a release.

I really don’t have a point in all of this, just that I don’t understand why we don’t have wineries being raided or why these little homebrewers kegs don’t get captured. Is it because wineries and breweries have a more stronger voter mass? Hell, I don’t know.