Cutting to the chase

July 4, 2004

Is anyone using Kinja ? No, seriously. After all of this development and the code names , how many people use it on a daily/semi-daily basis? How many use an aggregator?

I guess I’m wondering why I don’t use it anymore. I tried to visit the site for a while, viewing some weblogs I wanted to test, but eventually I just stopped visiting. I guess, I really don’t see how it’s different than the old BlogHog (now Blogit) or any other online (either on your server or hosted) rss/atom viewer .

Is the only difference really it being a Nick Denton project? Seriously.

I think it’s a beautiful site, I think it has it’s use, but it’s not for me. I’m not trying to kick the pot, or just piss on Nick’s success. How does it build the whole Gawker brand? Is it just providing a free service, like Blogger? I can’t imagine that it’s a huge ad revenue source. But then again, this is my opinion and not based on any hard numbers or sources.