More Voices

July 8, 2004

I’ve been reading about the various bloggers who’ll cover the DNC convention this month. Most surprisingly, MTV has picked Ana Marie Cox, aka Wonkette, to cover the event .

I’ve been looking at the list of the other bloggers covering the event, and was wondering who’s gonna cover this for the moderates? Or more specifically, who’s gonna cover this for the independents and those who don’t share the DNC vision.

I’ve been very open that I’m a moderate (as is most of the country), yet when we receive (most) of our news, it’s from a heavily bias source. Why should we allow this large group of writers on the web get representation from one side, when we have enough voices out there to cover the other viewpoints?

I’d like to read a conservative Republican’s viewpoint on the convention, as well as read the different takes from more moderate viewpoints. I’d just would like to read and see an independent point of view. The world isn’t black & white, either/or, etc…so why should the coverage be from two viewpoints: GOP & DNC?

Who would be a good set of apolitical bloggers for convention coverage?