Fink, Barton

July 10, 2004

“They call me a madman, but I’m not mad at anybody”

We were talking about video editing systems, when I mentioned something about the Coen brothers editingIntolerable Cruelty “, with Final Cut Pro.

A little after our discussion of Avid vs. Final Cut Pro and just the power we’ll need for this project, our photographer came up and asked if I was a “Coenhead”. I’m a huge fan of “O’ Brother”, “Fargo”, & “Raising Arizona”, but I haven’t really delved into their other works. So the photog, had a copy of the 1991 movie “Barton Fink ” at his desk and loaned it to me for the weekend.

It’s such a different movie of the three I’ve seen, that it’s hard for me to recommend it to anyone who’s use to the flow of the other movies. I like the movie, strange movies are up my alley, but the pace is just so slow. I like the characters, John Goodman & John Turturro always are good let along John Mahoney (pre-Frazier) in the role of the Falkneresque, W.P. Mayhew.

I liked the movie, it’s not my favorite, but it’s something I’ll have to watch again to full understand it and catch the little things I seem to miss on the first watch. I really couldn’t imagine this coming out in 1991, it’s a little ahead of it’s time, but when I think about what else came out that year , I wish my 17 year-old self had seen this movie.