Geek Talk = Gasoline Fumes

July 15, 2004

I’ve been working on a RAID system that, in the world of computers, is ancient. I went through the whole shebang today, installing under Panther, installing under Jaguar, installing under whatever codename 10.0 was, installing under Linux and I couldn’t get the damn thing to become visible on any of the OSs….until I booted up a Mac OS 9 disc and used Drive Setup to format whatever it saw hanging off my scsi chain. Then it became visible under every operating system out there….blah blah blah.

Working on something like this, was really to get my brain readjusted to figuring out techie/geeky things again. I can troubleshoot the hell out of something and get it to work, but this little test was used to hopefully jumpstart my brain again. I’m almost to the point where I’m not violently ill when I talk about computers, working fine, but talk….ick.

I’ve never been good or knowledgeable about working on cars, I know a little, but it’s probably the best way to relate what it’s like working on computers. The shadetree mechanics, tinkering with an engine to get a couple more HPs out of the engine, could easily be related to the geeks who overclock their systems.

Computer & Car repairs are also one of those things that scare the hell outta people. Everyone is looking for a good, trustworthy person to fix their machines. Everyone is afraid of being ripped-off and pay too much for work or parts. And the people who are really good, and actually nice people, are few and far between.